Introduction of Golden Lotus Spa Branches

Golden Lotus Spa is Korean-style Spa system has operated since 2006, until now we have developed 6 Spas : 1 in dist 3, 3 branches in dist 1 and 2 branches in dist 7, Phu My Hung, HCM. Specially for Jjim Jil Bang service - Korean style healing Spa is only available at Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land Dist 7 & Golden Lotus Healing Spa World Dist 3

Golden Lotus _ Korean Day Spa Tour, Jjim Jil Bang 1 ticket for a day of relaxation. Enter our expansive facility in the heart of Hochiminh City, and be transported worlds away by our hot and cold baths and specialty progressive sauna rooms (Himalayan rock salt room, Mineral Mud & Chinese Herb room, Volcanic ball room) . Add a massage, body scrub, or facial. Or simply enjoy unique amenities including a full-service korean sauna, roman bathhouse, restaurant, family cinema, and delightful kids zone that earned us the honor of “Best Family Fun Spa ” At Golden Lotus Spa, we take the concept of a “day spa” to a whole new level – or four to be exact, with our Women’s floor, Men’s floor, The Family-Friendly JIMJILBANG. Bring your nearest and dearest, or make it all about you. Either way, you are about to discover the way affordable and necessary luxury of wellness, the Golden Lotus Spa way!
• Food and massage (extra fees)
***Favorite services: Facial Massage , Body scrub & wrap, Jjim Jil Bang

Spa 6: Golden Lotus Healing Spa World
Address: 27 Pham Ngoc Thach street, Dist 3, Near Ho con rua
Services:  Facial/ Foot/ Body Massage, body scrub & wrap, Jjim Jil Bang (only available here and Dist 7), traditional sauna (sauna, steambath, Jacuzzi)

Spa 1: Golden Lotus Spa & Massage Club
Address: 15 Thai Van Lung  Dist 1, HCM  Tel: (08) 3822 1515
Services : Facial/  body/ foot Massage, Body scrub & wrap, Traditional sauna (sauna & steambath, Jacuzzi)
 15 outside
lotus interior
15 massage mat

Spa 2: Golden Lotus traditional Massage Club
Address: 20 Ho Huan Nghiep Str, Dist 1, HCM city  Tel: 08 3822 1227
Services: Facial/ Body/ Foot massage
Spa 4: Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land  1500m2
Address: 139 Ton Dat Tien Str, Phu My Hung, Dist 7, HCM city  Tel: 08 5410 7171
Services:  Facial/ Foot/ Body Massage, body scrub & wrap, Jjim Jil Bang (only available here and Dist 3), traditional sauna (sauna, steambath, Jacuzzi)

golden lotus pmh
jjim inside
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Spa 3: Golden Lotus Traditional Massage Club
Address: 39 Sky Garden, Phu My Hung, Dist 7, HCM city  Tel: 08 5415 5000
Services: Facial/ Foot/ Body Massage

sky lotus 

Therapy procedures

  1.  Receive keys & Jjim Jil uniform at reception , put shoes in closet, put clothes in wardrobe inside. Have a quick shower for refreshing
  2. Put on Jjim Jil clothes, move upstairs. Enjoy yourself in Jjim Jil Room like Herb Room,/Himalaya Salt Room/ Vocalnic rock room in about 25 minutes for sweating out toxins and regain energy then move to Igloo room. The main principle is the rotation from HOT to COLD and vice versa. Feel free to choose the room you like and then you can relax at Hinoki oxygen room for pure oxygen, or lie out under infrared cave for more absortion of infrared rays, or curing your back pain on the heating floor right up the infrared cave.
  3. Please do not forget to treat yourself Hot & cold mineral foot spa. All your nervous system will be gently massaged by refreshing water. Or lazily lying out at garden view bungalow
  4. After detoxifying by sweating out, remember to re-fill your body with fresh water or try out Korean traditional drinks name Sik hae made from fermented rice and raw barley which is good for digestion, weight loss, anti- atherosclerosis. Or baked egg smell specially irresistible
  5. Yet still feel hungry ? Just walking down the inside stairs to Mr BBQ & Ssam garden view restaurant in your comfortable Jjim Jil uniform , enjoy Korean cuisine culture and finish your day contemplating Phu My Hung famous Starlight Bridge (cau anh sao)
Hang on there!
If come to Jjim Jil Bang but still do not know about combination therapy of mordern techniques (infrared & negative ion) and special design of Jjim Jil Rooms will be something missing.
Kindly save several minutes to read about it at Spa therapies.
Have a good day.

Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land- Jjim Jil Bang PMH Dist 7

c0101687 4d55f581ac0eaKorean-style Spa treatments (Jjim Jil Bang - in korean Jjim Jil means sauna Bang means room : sauna room) use pure ingredients from nature to steam at high temperature combined with negative ions and infrared rays known as a type of "air vitamin" in medical industry which helps to boost the excretion of toxic and aging substances out of the body, enhance the biological defenses and natural healing against diseases. Combined effect in the Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land:
- Anti-aging, recover health, increase brain activity
- Detoxify and Purify the body
- Get fit, burn fat, lose weight

- Improve mood, relieve tension & stress
- Relax the muscles, reduce pain caused by arthritis, neuralgia, back pain, shoulder pain
- Stimulate blood circulation & cell regeneration, smoothen & whiten skin
- Reduce significantly cold symptoms, asthma, allergies, insomnia.
- Reduce abdominal pain & menstrual irregularity, treat women diseases
- Prevent disease and preserve health

Korean people consider Jjim Jil Bang as a secret to preserve health and make beauty. You can find Jjim Jil Bang everywhere in Korea, the most special thing is it combines mordern technique (infrared and negative ion) and traditional unique design of the sauna room (made from pure nature materials existing thousands of year in nature accumulating Chun Gi To natural energy)

What is the difference with conventional sauna? Sauna combined infrared and negative ion ( Jjim Jil steam ) help eliminate toxins accumulated in the body . Unlike conventional sauna, should be carried out at high temperatures for sweating out only 3 % toxins + 97 % water , Jjim Jil Sauna combine negative ions and infrared heat conducted at 50 ° C still helps the body excrete more sweat up to 20 % of toxins including heavy metals +80 % water .

Why detoxify the body ? Toxins accumulated in the cell for a long time is one of the leading causes of disease causing mordern diseases as gout , cancer , cardiovascular , depression , and other diseases .. modern living environment with pollution , food oil, sunlight , electronic devices all around make the body absorb toxins every day .

Why sweating in Jjim Jil Bang combining with negative ions and infrared rays much better than normal sweating ? Although the sun would make you easily sweat , but the effects of ultraviolet ( UV ) also burn out your and even can cause skin cancer . Or intense sports also make you to sweat out a lot but incites the nervous system as well which causes the body to secrete more toxins but excreted out very little . In Jjim Jil sauna , infrared gives deep impact on fat tissue inside the body resolve toxins, burn excess fat and excreted safely out and in the mean time able to synthesize vitamin D, re-generate cartilage, help to stimulate the production of collagen and anti- aging effect, whitening and smoothening skin. Negative ions help cell regeneration , playing as powerful antioxidant -Vitamin C, neutralizing free radicals, enhancing the body 's biological resistance .

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Jjim Jil Bang therapy

golden lotus spa 11People believe in the mysterious power of the gems. It is believed that they have the ability to modify imbalances, create energy within each person. In addition, they also have the ability to enlighten spirit, reduce negative thoughts.

Chun Gi To is the harmony between the outstanding features of minerals and precious stones to create a kind of 100% natural organic substance (Bio) or also known as synthetic natural minerals.
 Since long time ago, when the volcano erupted in Korea, the aggregate of minerals concentrated in a few special places called mineral circuit. Natural Energy (氣) is concentrated alkaline minerals of nature.

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