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Massage body for detoxification - 465,000 VND - 90 minutes , 375,000 VND -60 minutes (including TIP ) at Golden Lotus Spa
Researchers have proven minerals in volcanic rocks have great healing effects such as sedation , detoxification, relaxation ...
In view of the East , hot stones can absorb toxins from the body . The West said that the energy of rock can stabilize mood. In science, hot stone massge considered as a magical dose therapy for depressive illness , pain , stress ... If you regularly have insomnia or nightmares , hot stone massage is the perfect solution to gently and quickly help you get restful sleep .
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Body massage is based on the stimulation of acupuncture points located along the spine , where the vital energy flow . The setting in this circuit in a certain period of time will stop the flow of gas , when released will form strong blood flow , washing away all the blockages in the arteries. The act of massage from head to toe followed dimensional circulation helps blood circulation , the lymphatic vessels and energy . It also helps your body to relax and feel better to be able to fight the disease, as well as to help you regain your balance

- Step 1 : Massage acupressure whole body
- Step 2 : Foot reflexology treatment
- Step 3 : Massage movements in blood circulation for the thighs and legs to relax
- Step 4 : Massage the acupressure burning fat
- Step 5 : Hot Stone Massage combines natural oils to detoxify the body
- Step 6 : hand, shoulder massage
- Step 7 : Massage head and neck 
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